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News Crumbs – 11th October 2014

Knocking back Antoccinos is best with a few pastries so there are some crumbs to sweep out:

  • Another nod to the simplicity of LG’s TV interface with a recognition from the Red Dot Design Award at IFA.
  • RSS Reader app, Feedspider seeks translation help. Can you translate 112 strings of text into Bengali, Breton, Italian, Portuguese or Tamil?
  • It seems forum user, 1whocs has got the Android on Veer project working. Instructions are here.
  • Grabber5.0 has identified another minor issue with gmail. Check your settings.
  • Hedami has released an update for location-based reminder app, Geostrings.
  • Retro-styled puzzle adventure game, Aquaventure has an update.
  • Both the apps above were released on the forums as app catalogue approval appears to have become extremely slow…
  • Finally, October 20th sees an HTML5 developer conference featuring an appearance from Enyo’s Roy Sutton discussing JavaScript on TV.

That’s it until the next toaster notification!

Feedly goes webOS

If you like news (is there somebody who hates news?), you were likely a user of Google Reader which was one of the best RSS platforms out there.  Unfortunately, this great product was discontinued (Hint: It’s not the only great product with this cruel fate!) and so apps like NomNomNom, which I was a big fan of, became suddenly useless.

Most platforms were lucky enough to get alternatives: Feedly is one of the best and most used successors of Google Reader.  It works wonderful on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and hell there is also a client for Symbian!

If you visit this blog often, you probably miss one OS in that list.  Well, stop it!

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