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LuneOS Cafe Cubano: An In-Depth Look

It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s only been three months since HP pulled the plug on official support on webOS and shut down its cloud services. Yet with the arrival of August, the loyal base of webOS developers and enthusiasts who have stuck around will likely be seeing the ninth stable release of LuneOS in the very near future.

Despite having been churning out stable builds for less than a year, the webOS Ports team’s LuneOS is already proving to be a very capable candidate to fill the void left behind by webOS. Read on past the jump, and we’ll examine how the latest LuneOS, Cafe Cubano, measures up to its predecessor.

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Video: A feature comparison between webOS and Blackberry 10

With the looming shutdown of HP webOS cloud service in <gasp> just under two weeks, many folks over at webOS Nation’s forums have started jumping ship. For those of us who’ve survived all of the major hiccups, travesties, and terrorist plots that have seen webOS kicked to the curb or dropped on its head, this is nothing new. But to those that are leaving, to what platform will you go?

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Two weeks with LuneOS: An app sideload test

Here we are two weeks into the LuneOS initial release and I find myself staring at the install on my HP TouchPad wanting it to do more.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m patient enough to wait for a functioning OS of core app integration.  And I’m not in a hurry for all of the “I wish it had <app name>” whining.

Although, since LuneOS supports Enyo apps, isn’t it possible that it could run current webOS apps built from the technology?  I set out to find out.  Read on for the results.

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The Pre & Pixi in 2014

CES 2009: Palm Inc., noted pioneer of the smartphone revealed it’s ‘comeback’ device, swiftly labelled by critics as, “The iphone killer”. The Palm Pre launched to immense fanfare and positive press. Palm was known for it’s light-weight and effective Palm OS. The new webOS seemed to meet even the highest hopes with it’s intuitive, connected, gesture-based interface. The ‘river stone’ styled Pre with a slide out portrait keyboard and later it’s sister phone, the candybar form factor Pixi, had an optional back plate that enabled inductive charging on the ‘Touchstone’ dock which would become a staple of the brand.
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App Review: 2048

The 2048 Game
The 2048 Game
There are a couple of popular games out there at the moment that involve sliding numbered tiles around. One is Asher Vollmer’s ‘Three’s’, another is ‘2048,‘ by Gabriele Cirulli. Click that link and you can play it in your web browser. These type of games are ideal for the screen and touch interface of the modern smartphone. On the forums of webOS Nation, member juerg.riehen asked if anyone was able to port the open-source code into a webOS app. That was the 6th of April. Within two days, webOS mapping expert 72ka (aka Jan Heman) responded to the challenge. It’s in Preware, now. You can go and get it, but we don’t get much chance to review new, trendy games on pivotCE, so stick around for a quick read:

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