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If you like news (is there somebody who hates news?), you were likely a user of Google Reader which was one of the best RSS platforms out there.  Unfortunately, this great product was discontinued (Hint: It’s not the only great product with this cruel fate!) and so apps like NomNomNom, which I was a big fan of, became suddenly useless.

Most platforms were lucky enough to get alternatives: Feedly is one of the best and most used successors of Google Reader.  It works wonderful on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and hell there is also a client for Symbian!

If you visit this blog often, you probably miss one OS in that list.  Well, stop it!

Logo of FeedSpider

webOS Developer, Brent Hunter, worked hard on reviving RSS on webOS.  He created a fork of Feeder and started creating his own RSS reader called FeedSpider.  It currently supports BazQux Reader, Feedly, InoReader, The Old Reader and Tiny Tiny RSS. It’s worth noting that Feedly is the most widely used RSS feed service at the moment and according to this post the most difficult to implement on the list so thanks to the dev!

You can download FeedSpider by searching for it in the HP App Catalog or tapping on this link if you are on a webOS device.

If you want to leave feedback or simply say thank you, you can find FeedSpider on Twitter or join the official thread at webOS Nations.

Here are few screenshots of FeedSpider:

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Very nice to see that feedly created a webOS category in their App Center and added FeedSpider!

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    1. Hm good point. This article was written back before we knew FeedSpider had an update to include TinyTiny RSS but we waited to publish until the update pushed to the App Catalog. Ha, we talked about adding that to the article but apparently…we forgot. Thanks for pointing that out.

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