Alan Morford

I'm a husband, father, USAF member, webOS enthusiast, musician, and all around techie. Follow me

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August 2011: I ordered. HP canceled any new webOS hardware. My phone arrived. webOS has many innovative features and has a community capable of developing this open system to even greater heights. I hope to see it continue as an option for the discerning mobile device user.

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Sören Müller

I'm a 27 years old software developer from Germany. I ♥ the things of the internet and the internet of things.

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An avid fan of the webOS system from England, proof that webOS love did make it to these shores! Thieving scum broke into my car and stole my Pre 3 though =(

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Brent Hunter

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Chairman Honeycrisp

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I'm an open minded tech enthusiast trying to keep up with an accelerating landscape. There's always room at the table for webOS though.

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Zach Saville

I love anything tech related! I also own multiple webOS devices, and I would be a great beta tester *Wink*. If you have any questions, just email or IM me.

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George Mari

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Higher Information Technology as educational background, but work in finance. webOS fan, developer, homebrew patcher and spider in the web for WebOS Ports. Rocking a Pre 3 as daily driver, with trusty TouchPad 4G/Go as tablet :) Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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