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Dev Highlight: Theoneill

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these webOS developer highlights. It’s not for lack of trying or for a shortage of devs either! Too many of those devs are hiding in the shadows and don’t want the attention. But it’s about putting some background to the names and patches and mods! It gives us someone to thank. Someone like, Lionel!
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Dev Highlight: Leo Apotheker

Hey!  Look who stopped by today for a quick exclusive interview with pivotCE!  Leo Apotheker!

Some might say it’s a far stretch to call him a developer but oh nonono!  He is much more of a developer for webOS than you give him credit for!  Don’t believe me?  For shame!  Read on and you’ll see just what he gave the fans in the way of his webOS “development”.

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