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PrewareUpdates on Twitter

As some of you might already noticed, there is a new twitter account called “PrewareUpdates“.  It tweets about (get this) new stuff like apps of patches in Preware! Go and follow it if you want to know what’s new in Preware.

Did you know there was an Update for Grabber’s Certificate Grabber today?

RSS fans of you can also subscribe to which is the source for the Twitter account.

New Preware and Our Own Feed

As of right now there is an update to Preware. Version 1.9.14 is available to the masses. pivotCE has worked closely with the nice folks at webOS Internals and Ports for a while now and coupled with our last announcement about the new Preware Catalog Search via browser service we started, we also would like to introduce the pivotCE app feed now built-in to Preware!

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Bye Bye App Catalog, Hello Preware Catalog

As you might have already heard, HP just shut down the App Catalogue.

While Preware was once the little brother beside the big official App Catalogue, it’s now the best way to install new apps and updates on our beloved webOS devices. To help maintain this ecosystem, pivotCE is proud to present a second service after our heavily used HP Takeout:  Preware Catalog Search!

When I came to webOS in 2012 one of my first projects was to build a little website that used a Google CSE, enabling visitors to find webOS Apps. You can still access that nice collection of obviously now dead links under

So what is the Preware Catalog? It’s is a webpage where you can search for and find information from all apps available in Preware. Search via author, feed or category. You can also like and share apps. The features are likely to increase with your feedback and ideas!

You can access it by heading to

How this works: Just like Preware I download all the feeds and put them into a searchable database. To avoid heavy load on the servers of feed providers, the index is renewed once a day, so it could take few hours for your app to appear.

It was fun to create, we hope it’s fun to use. Feedback, ideas or problems are highly appreciated so add them here!


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All-clear for webOS devices with Google accounts

All-clear, thanks to Grabber 5.0:

**** Update June 28, 2014: version 1.2 of the patch fixes the json parsing error that started recently and restores sync functionality again. Also note: If you already have a previous verison of the gsync patch installed, you must remove the previous patch version first to restore the original files. The new patch patches all required files, not just the new one. (this is standard for any patch that is not installed from the feeds) ****
**** IMPORTANT – as of late June 2014 there is a new issue with Google contact sync that has not been resolved! Up until a few days ago, this patch still restored the ability to sync calendars and gmail, but now, it appears accounts can no longer be added to devices due to the ‘unknown error’ situation. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GMAIL PASSWORD OR ATTEMPT TO REMOVE AND RE-ADD YOUR ACCOUNT TO RESOLVE LOGIN ISSUES, OR YOU WILL BE STUCK WITHOUT YOUR ACCOUNT AT ALL ****


Stay tuned, there is already a one-ways solution ready!