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Lunetube updated, brings reply comments, bug fixes

More and more webOS and LuneOS devs suprise us every day. Just yesterday I reported that Flixi was updated and now today Lunetube gets an update.

webOS Forums user, MAMISHO (aka Edwin Mauricio) posted the update this morning.

This update brings reply comments and bug fixes to the app. Looking great so far! It’s better than my YouTube fix for sure!

You can get it from Preware in the pivotCE feed. See the forum thread too.


YouTube Client Released for webOS/LuneOS: LuneTube

Yesterday, webOS Nation forum member MAMISHO released LuneTube, a YouTube client app for webOS and LuneOS, to add gravy to what has been a surprisingly good month for webOS. Read on to find out more!
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Guide: How to Fix YouTube for webOS 2.x

UPDATE: Stop what you’re doing and check out LuneTube. It doesn’t integrate into webOS for links yet but it’s developing very nicely as a YouTube client for webOS and LuneOS!

As for the fix below, it still works but the suggested YouTube site links per device are now only showing RTSP feeds. Bad quality! The patched app and patch itself still work for better quality but only if you hit the 3 dot menu on the upper right of the mobile site and select Desktop. It’s a bit harder to see but the videos play with normal quality. Also, going to the desktop view immediately puts the cursor in the search bar so once the page loads, just start typing for what you want. If you scroll first or tap the search bar you’ll get the annoying bug where typing jumps up to the URL bar in the browser.

This fix for YouTube is for 2.x devices only. I have tried it on 1.x but it didn’t work. Logs show “Error: service request: “com.palm.app.youtube” was not found. Smart people feel free to figure that one out! I know I’ll be grateful since I do like to use my Pixi from time to time.

I have installed this fix onto a Pre3 with 2.2.4, a Pre 2 with 2.2.4, a Veer meta’d to 2.2.4, and a Pre+ meta’d to 2.1.0. Other 2.x versions should work fine but your results may vary. To clarify though, if you’re on a stock 2.2.4 doctor for Pre3 or Pre2…just install the patch from TheOneill.

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UPDATE: Now DEAD – Google to Kill YouTube Access for Older Apps

UPDATE: It’s dead! 🙁 The mobile site works though. Unless this is patched, the mobile site is the only recourse we’ll have on webOS phones for YouTube access. The TouchPad can of course still view the full website. Some users are reporting it still works for them so it appears to be regional as the shutdown implementation goes into effect.

The Verge reports that Google is to kill off older YouTube Apps at the end of April. This will affect webOS users, unfortunately.

First Facebook, then cloud services, and now YouTube. LEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! >:(

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TIP – YouTube Search/Quality fix for webOS 1.x/2.x

brokenyoutubeHas it been a while since you’ve used YouTube on your webOS phone?  Say, before September of this year?  If you answer yes, you’ll find that popping open the app displays what you expect to see but search won’t return results and clicking on a video in the Popular Videos list will play, however, quality is terrible.  Even with your l337 hax0r skillz set to ENGAGE, you dig into and edit some YouTube javascript files on your phone and manage to reenable search, you’ll still notice video quality remains on “turd level”.  If you’re a Pre 3 user you’ll notice you don’t have the app but instead a launcher for the mobile YouTube site which means your search is unaffected yet your quality is reduced all the same.

Don’t worry!  Unsurprisingly, the webOS community responded in force and solved the issue practically overnight.  Who says all the devs left???

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