ACL for webOS pre-release video appears

Twitter user @pixiet35 shared a video link with @pivotCE.  The title of the video suggests it was not for the masses to see but is remniscent of Phoenix International Communication’s other “The App that I want on webOS” episode videos.  At any rate, here it is.

For those playing the ACL for webOS trivia game you may have noticed yesterdays facebook post from PIC.

“This time the recording of the extractions has taken more time due…our marketing guys have updated their HP Touchpad with #ACLforwebOS Pre-Release!!!”

The app they use to pull their winners from is Random Numbers Generator Pro which is Android software.  Number Generator in this video is markedly better than they’ve ever shown it before thanks to improved graphics acceleration we presume.  If you haven’t seen any of the trivia videos watch any of the previous “winners of trivia points” videos to compare the progress to this video.

Comments on the facebook post from those inquiring about early backer access to the pre-release have gone unanswered as of yet.  No update news from PIC on the pre-release release yet.  We’ll keep you posted.  This webOS user isn’t going anywhere though, so I’ll sit right here…drum my fingers on my desk, repeatedly hit F5 on the PIC blog, and wait.


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