News Crumbs – 15th AUGUST 2016

The toaster’s been back in action, so let’s shake out some fresh crumbs:

I need to butter these hot scones. See you next time!

News Crumbs – 13th JULY 2016

If you are worried that we’re running out of bread, don’t forget to donate to pivotCE. We needed to toast some buns for our barbeque, so let’s see what crumbs shake out.

News Crumbs – 9th November 2015

Munching on the last crust here, but everything tastes good with marmalade. It’s been a while since the last round up, so before I head to the bakery for supplies, lets clean out some crumbs!

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to donate to pivotCE so we can keep the article machine fueled.

PrewareUpdates on Twitter

As some of you might already noticed, there is a new twitter account called “PrewareUpdates“.  It tweets about (get this) new stuff like apps of patches in Preware! Go and follow it if you want to know what’s new in Preware.

Did you know there was an Update for Grabber’s Certificate Grabber today?

RSS fans of you can also subscribe to which is the source for the Twitter account.

News Crumbs – 3rd August 2015

Has it been almost four months since we last shook out the toaster? Some of these crumbs may be a little stale, but lets recap:

That’s it for now. I’ll be looking for ideas for the next batch.