Dev Highlight: Brent Hunter

CaptureIt’s 2015 and people are still developing for legacy webOS. Crazy, right? You won’t catch me complaining! Next up is pivotCE’s own rainy day blogger, Brent Hunter! (Think: FeedSpider!)

What’s your handle?
Aressel – although I typically post on twitter under @FeedSpiderApp

2014-04-04 14.55.57Where do you hail from?
British Columbia, Canada

What was your first Palm device?
A second-hand original Palm Pilot – way back in the day, although I got much more use out of my Palm Vx. I was still using that as late as 2005, when the screen cracked.

Have you published any apps?
FeedSpider 1 & 2 and Othello StockWatch

What homebrew apps have you developed?
Nothing homebrew-specific, but I’ve been releasing the bleeding-edge version of FeedSpider through homebrew channels for the past few months due to the time it [took] to get anything released through the [now dead] app catalog.

Have you written any patches?
Haven’t written any myself, but I helped out a bit with John Steffes’ Synergy Plugins Project

What’s your daily driver phone?
iPhone 6

Which tablet do you use?
TouchPad 4G

How did you get your start into programming?
I started back in highschool with an introduction to Java, and have taken programming courses and worked on various projects all of the way through university, with my final project for graduation being the development of a BlackBerry app for a local company. Working in various technical capacities, I’ve worked on a number of different projects and picked up a familiarity with several different scripting and programming languages, although I always seem to come back to C# and JavaScript.

Do you develop for other platforms?
Mostly Windows and web. I’ve done some BlackBerry development in the past and I have built a couple of FirefoxOS apps including a port of FeedSpider. I have to say, that is a really neat development environment. Everything is web-based – they’ve taken the webOS model and gone even further, so Enyo works great there.

What projects are you supporting in the future?
Primarily FeedSpider – I’m waiting on Digg Reader to release their API. I’m also helping out a bit with LuneOS, mostly working on Preware. Professionally, I’m doing some Enyo development as a freelancer, and working on a couple of projects at the moment.

Well, keep on keeping on Brent. Also, thanks for writing for pivotCE in your spare time!