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The LG Keynote at CES 2016

The start of each new year brings with it the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We have posted an article about it for the last couple of years – since LG debuted their webOS televisions there. You may recall that it was Palm’s announcement and demonstration of the Palm Pre at the 2009 show that started all the fuss about webOS. Could LG maintain the excitement around their TVs?
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News Crumbs – 9th JANUARY 2015

It is said that a watched pot never boils, but will a webOS toaster send a pop-up toaster alert to a webOS watch when the toast is ready? Only time will tell…

Whatever you use to measure time, make the most of yours in 2015 with our best wishes for the New Year.

LG webOS watch slated for 2016 release

As we mentioned here back in October, LG let slip they were building a webOS smart watch. Thanks to CES, LG has confirmed this to be true. The watch is slated for a 2016 production release.

Android Central has the exclusive and webOS Nation adds their own speculation. But the key to take away is that LG is building an ‘ecosystem’. Forgive me for speculating but a company does not build an ecosystem with just a watch and of course, TVs…

So allow me to predict the future for a second: webOS smart phone in 2016. I’m calling it. 😉

Be sure to check Android Central’s article for more photos and here’s their video:

There’s a conversation about this already in progress. Join in!


Former HP CTO weighs in on LG’s webOS TV

pivotCE reached out to former HP CTO, Phil McKinney, for his thoughts on LG’s implementation of webOS for their new line of TVs.  As you may remember, Phil was on the HP board of directors and was pivotal to HP’s Palm acquisition.  He has since retired from HP and is now the President and CEO of CableLabs.  He just happens to be attending CES 2014 and had a chance to answer our inquiry with a hands-on look.  Here’s what he had to say about the rebirth of the webOS platform:

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