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Guest Guide: Mimic webOS in Android

I bet you’ve seen topics on webOS Nation forums and our article here on pivotCE about Making Android More Like webOS. Well, webOS Nation forums user, Shuswap, just kicked it up a notch.

He recently shared with me on Twitter that he’d made a pretty sweet Android mod to mimic webOS. I asked for a tutorial and he obliged! Read on for his great work and get ready to webOS-ify your Android!

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Making Android More Like webOS

Making Android more like webOS is not an idea without precedent. webOS Nation covered a similar article in 2013 and there are several posts on XDA and webOS Nation about that very thing. Some still work and some don’t.

Mods like webcm10, which offers swipe up card switching, were designed for Cyanogenmod 9 and 10. You can see it in action here. Old themes for Android launchers might still work but there have been a lot of changes to Android since they were released 2+ years ago so YMMV. I’m talking about WebOS GO Launcher EX Theme for GO Launcher, of course.

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Happy twentyfourteen!

Since 2013 is over, we would like to end using the twentythirteen WordPress theme.

As you may have already noticed, we started using a customized version of a theme called twentyfourteen (a coincidence?).  We think it’s much more suitable for a news site with the amount of news we write at the moment.

Look at the gorgeous slider on our homepage which you can control with a swipe of your finger (at least if you have a device with a touchscreen), a click of your mouse, or a tap of the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard!

Please bear with us as we are fixing the last color and widget issues.  We appreciate all feedback in the comments or via mail!

Happy New Year!

Image via Berzinger23