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Review: HP TouchPad Go Custom-made Case

If you’re one of the lucky ones to own an HP TouchPad Go and are like me, opening up the box and getting your hands on this rare piece of technology left you with the sudden realization that you had absolutely no way to protect it.  After the shock subsided, I ran to the computer to search options.  It seems there were in fact cases made but were manufactured in such low quantities that enthusiasts are at a loss for how to get their hands on one.  Then I found a TouchPad Go Case for sale.  Turns out webOS Nations forum user, John Steffes, has been custom making cases for almost a year.  Considering my lack of options, I contacted him and got myself one.  Hit the break for my review.

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Feedly goes webOS

If you like news (is there somebody who hates news?), you were likely a user of Google Reader which was one of the best RSS platforms out there.  Unfortunately, this great product was discontinued (Hint: It’s not the only great product with this cruel fate!) and so apps like NomNomNom, which I was a big fan of, became suddenly useless.

Most platforms were lucky enough to get alternatives: Feedly is one of the best and most used successors of Google Reader.  It works wonderful on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and hell there is also a client for Symbian!

If you visit this blog often, you probably miss one OS in that list.  Well, stop it!

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Orcrest – A Brand New webOS Game

orcrest1My name is Alan Taylor and I am the developer behind the new WebOS game Orcrest, which I have been working on for two and a half years. The game should really be Orcrest II as it follows from a game I wrote for Acorn’s BBC Model B which was published in 1985. It started from a drawing I did of a purple egg to which I added eyes and feet and later animated in BBC Basic. After a number of sleepless nights I had the re-written it in assembler and a 50 level platform game was born. The game was published just as I started university, studying applied Physics. I started work on Orcrest II four years later. This was on the Atari ST and was much more ambitious than the original. The key challenge was to develop an 8-way parallax scrolling platform game with intelligent baddies and a puzzle solving element. I managed to complete the character design and a scrolling proof-of-concept but the development was abandoned due to performance issues, which I couldn’t solve, and me joining a band as a drummer. The band years ended all thoughts of re-starting Orcrest II and it wasn’t until I saw ‘The Social Network’ film, that my desire for development returned. I was inspired and started thinking about returning to the game.

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Review: ACL™ for webOS Preview 0.6.0-4

If you are an HP TouchPad owner, you might have heard of the Android Compatibility Layer (ACL) for webOS, a Kickstarter project from Phoenix International Communications (PIC).  The project can be easily explained: run Android apps on the TouchPad without dual-booting to Android.

Two days ago, PIC tweeted that they sent out the preview release to kickstarter backers, giving us (me included) a chance to look at ACL before the general public.

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