Review: HP TouchPad Go Custom-made Case

If you’re one of the lucky ones to own an HP TouchPad Go and are like me, opening up the box and getting your hands on this rare piece of technology left you with the sudden realization that you had absolutely no way to protect it.  After the shock subsided, I ran to the computer to search options.  It seems there were in fact cases made but were manufactured in such low quantities that enthusiasts are at a loss for how to get their hands on one.  Then I found a TouchPad Go Case for sale.  Turns out webOS Nations forum user, John Steffes, has been custom making cases for almost a year.  Considering my lack of options, I contacted him and got myself one.  Hit the break for my review.

You’ll notice the lack of pictures of the case without the Go in it.  Aesthetically, the inside is not very pleasing nor is the back of the case.  The fact is, there’s a lot of glue thanks to the process it takes to create a good fitting case out of a case not designed for it.  The reason I didn’t talk about it or take pictures of it is because it doesn’t really matter!  When the Go is in it, you don’t see it.  Let’s face it, there aren’t many options and elegant or not, this case does exactly what I need it do…protect my 1 of 100 (200?  300??) unreleased webOS tablet!

I’d like to thank John Steffes for making these and for his continued support of the community. If you’d like to put in your order, simply send him a Private Message via the webOS Nation forums. For the cost of $10 plus shipping and an official HP TouchPad case, it’s well worth it.


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