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Orcrest – A Brand New webOS Game

orcrest1My name is Alan Taylor and I am the developer behind the new WebOS game Orcrest, which I have been working on for two and a half years. The game should really be Orcrest II as it follows from a game I wrote for Acorn’s BBC Model B which was published in 1985. It started from a drawing I did of a purple egg to which I added eyes and feet and later animated in BBC Basic. After a number of sleepless nights I had the re-written it in assembler and a 50 level platform game was born. The game was published just as I started university, studying applied Physics. I started work on Orcrest II four years later. This was on the Atari ST and was much more ambitious than the original. The key challenge was to develop an 8-way parallax scrolling platform game with intelligent baddies and a puzzle solving element. I managed to complete the character design and a scrolling proof-of-concept but the development was abandoned due to performance issues, which I couldn’t solve, and me joining a band as a drummer. The band years ended all thoughts of re-starting Orcrest II and it wasn’t until I saw ‘The Social Network’ film, that my desire for development returned. I was inspired and started thinking about returning to the game.

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