CAKE – A 9GAG Viewer

cake iconThe HP webOS Pivot was created to present apps and developers in a new and better way than just boring download charts. So today, between all the general news posts I need to gather to have more than 3 sites, I want to advertise my own little a little bit:

CAKE – A viewer for 9GAG 

Just in case you don’t know 9GAG is one of the biggest sites for funny pics, with over 2 billion pageviews a month. As the word “viewer” suggests CAKE let’s you browse the images on your webOS devices. I would love build in more features, like rating; Unfortunately it’s difficult as 9GAG hasn’t an official public API. We will see what the future brings 😉

CAKE has over 3500 Downloads and a 5-stars rating since the last update which fixed the problems with the changes on the 9GAG page. Keep this going!

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