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Día de los Muertos: webOS

Welcome! To our Spanish speaking friends: ¡Bienvenido!

Tonight is All Hallows Eve, known colloquially as Halloween. It is traditionally a night when supernatural spirits, spectres and ghosts emerge. The dead walk among us and we show them some respect.

In Mexico, they have the Day of the Dead: A festival that features decorative skulls like those pictured above.
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Halloween/webOS 2013 Contest Results

Thanks to everyone for their submissions to the pivotCE Halloween/webOS 2013 contest.  We didn’t have a HUGE turnout but hey, we’re new around here!  And now….our winner is…..webOS Nation Forum user TJs11thPre!  Congrats!  Check out his picture below.  That’s a FrankenPre2 dressed up as Frankenstein for Halloween.  Ahhhh, classic…and FUNNY!

FrankenPre2 by TJs11thPre

TJs11thPre wins a $10 gift card for the Google Play store.  Read on to see other notable entries.

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Contest – Halloween/webOS 2013

Update: This contest is over! Stay tuned while we pick a winner…

It’s time for Halloween and our first contest here at pivotCE! Alan Morford's pivotCE Pumpkin

The rules are easy: Make something about Halloween and webOS!  Take a picture and send it to halloween@pivotce.com or put it on Twitter with #webOSzombie!

We will put our favorites here on pivotce.com and pick a winner of a $10 Gift Card for Google Play, the biggest source of apps for your TouchPad with ACL for webOS!

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