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PrewareUpdates on Twitter

As some of you might already noticed, there is a new twitter account called “PrewareUpdates“.  It tweets about (get this) new stuff like apps of patches in Preware! Go and follow it if you want to know what’s new in Preware.

Did you know there was an Update for Grabber’s Certificate Grabber today?

RSS fans of you can also subscribe to which is the source for the Twitter account.

Preware Turns 6: A Tribute to Homebrew Developers

If you’ve reloaded your feeds today, you may have noticed a slight change on your webOS app launcher. That’s right, it’s Preware’s birthday today! In celebration, the Preware icon has been changed to look, well, a little more festive. As we celebrate six years of what has certainly been a roller-coaster ride for the webOS family, let’s take a moment to reflect on just how much we owe to the homebrew developer community.

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Happy Easter from pivotCE

A newly hatched Adélie penguin chick with its parent.
Photo: Sean Bonnette / National Science Foundation

With a cute penguin picture, pivotCE would like to offer all our readers a Happy Easter.

Special thanks go to the webOS-Ports team who are working to deliver their own little penguin.

For an Easter Egg hunt, we’ll direct you over to the experts at webos-internals.

If anyone finds an Easter Egg in a webOS TV, let us know in the comments!

Logo of the Unit
The picture came from the United States Antarctic Program. Take a look for more penguins and other frosty fun.

Happy twentyfourteen!

Since 2013 is over, we would like to end using the twentythirteen WordPress theme.

As you may have already noticed, we started using a customized version of a theme called twentyfourteen (a coincidence?).  We think it’s much more suitable for a news site with the amount of news we write at the moment.

Look at the gorgeous slider on our homepage which you can control with a swipe of your finger (at least if you have a device with a touchscreen), a click of your mouse, or a tap of the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard!

Please bear with us as we are fixing the last color and widget issues.  We appreciate all feedback in the comments or via mail!

Happy New Year!

Image via Berzinger23