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Foxcasts app for LuneOS

Former webOS developer, Garret Downs did much good work for the community until bowing out just over two years ago.

Now he’s back with a new app for LuneOS! Originally developed for FirefoxOS, Foxcasts is a podcast app.

At this point, support extends only to audio streaming from the itunes library, with plans to add downloading and video in the future. The type of database used is unsupported on legacy webOS, so this app is for LuneOS only. Podcast options for webOS are of course already available.

Until he has a device for LuneOS, Garret is testing in the emulator and wants your help. If you are one of those taking the trouble to test the development of the LuneOS development builds, give it a spin and offer your feedback.

More information is on the forum thread.

News Crumbs – 14th February 2015

This weeks toasting menu: Welsh Rarebit because, why wouldn’t you? While it heats up, here are your news crumbs. There’s nothing cheesey about these items:

That’s it for now, I smell toasting cheese…

News Crumbs – 9th JANUARY 2015

It is said that a watched pot never boils, but will a webOS toaster send a pop-up toaster alert to a webOS watch when the toast is ready? Only time will tell…

Whatever you use to measure time, make the most of yours in 2015 with our best wishes for the New Year.