Forty Years of Tech Exhibit Showcases first Palm PDA


In an exhibit titled the Interface Experience held at The Bard Graduate Center in New York, you can see a collection of some of the biggest monuments of culture-defining technology from the last 40 years. Among the gadgets are a Commodore 64, Xerox Alto, Macintosh Plus, and my personal favorite the Palm Pilot circa 1997.

What’s more, you can actually play with the gadgets as CNET reports they all work! Students and exhibit curator, Kimon Keramidas, spent 5 years putting the showcase together to the tune of over $6,000.

You can plan for the show to be on display from April 3rd to July 19th at the Bard Graduate Center’s Focus Gallery in New York. If you’re in the area, you may want to check it out! If you go, send us some pics! If you can’t get to New York, click here for the online version.

This Palm reminiscing makes me wonder if my old E2 would run Enyo Graffiti. And speaking of Palm, hey TCL! Hurry up already. “Coming Soon” is becoming “too late”.


Source: Engadget
Image: PDA Expertos