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A webOS Christmas Wish List

Image: Creative Commons
Image: Creative Commons

As a parent, Christmas time means I get to hear my 8 year old oggling over every toy commercial she sees.  In fact, that’s usually the first indicator that I have to sit her down with a pencil and a piece of paper to get her to write a letter to Santa Claus.  Once the letter is done I can remind her that she already wrote to Santa to make the begging lull…a bit.

But this year I got to thinking…what would I ask Santa for?  I mean other than a unicorn and a rocket launcher, of course…here’re my top 3. Continue reading A webOS Christmas Wish List

ACL™ for webOS Compatibility Database

icon_errorWhile PIC is giving ACL the final touches, Kickstarter backers are hard at work testing all kinds of Android apps on our beloved TouchPads with the ACL for webOS Preview.

webOS Nations Forum member broncot wanted to help and started a thread where he encouraged all members to post the results of their Android app tests.  Although that’s a great idea, it’s not exactly an easy to reference guide for users or even PIC to keep track of the results.

To improve this, PIC started an “ACL™ for webOS Compatibility Database” (well, they didn’t name it like that, but I think it sounds great 😉 *feel free to steal that, PIC!*) which you can visit  http://www.phxdevices.com/acl_applications.

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Review: ACL™ for webOS Preview 0.6.0-4

If you are an HP TouchPad owner, you might have heard of the Android Compatibility Layer (ACL) for webOS, a Kickstarter project from Phoenix International Communications (PIC).  The project can be easily explained: run Android apps on the TouchPad without dual-booting to Android.

Two days ago, PIC tweeted that they sent out the preview release to kickstarter backers, giving us (me included) a chance to look at ACL before the general public.

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Project updates – Open webOS hits Alpha 3, ACL for webOS pushes pre-release

Image credit: webos-ports.orgNot only is it rare to see a major application or development for webOS announced these days but in a strange happenstance two such announcements hit the web back-to-back.  The Open webOS (OwOS) team broke the news on Alpha 3 and updated their wiki yesterday.  Currently there isn’t a release available for Alpha 3 but it is important to note that the webOS Ports team has added Virtual Box support along side GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus and 1st Gen Asus Nexus 7 support.  And this morning, Phoenix International Communications (PIC) begain emailing pre-release testers instructions for ACL for webOS installations.  Still no timeline for the rest of us though.  Read on for the message from PIC.

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ACL for webOS closer than ever but still no timeline

In posts released yesterday from Phoenix International Communications on their facebook and twitter accounts it seems ACL for webOS’ public release is imminent.  It’s a quick blurb but at this point, those hungry for ACL for webOS release news will take the smallest morsels to satisfy their need.

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