ACL™ for webOS Compatibility Database

icon_errorWhile PIC is giving ACL the final touches, Kickstarter backers are hard at work testing all kinds of Android apps on our beloved TouchPads with the ACL for webOS Preview.

webOS Nations Forum member broncot wanted to help and started a thread where he encouraged all members to post the results of their Android app tests.  Although that’s a great idea, it’s not exactly an easy to reference guide for users or even PIC to keep track of the results.

To improve this, PIC started an “ACL™ for webOS Compatibility Database” (well, they didn’t name it like that, but I think it sounds great 😉 *feel free to steal that, PIC!*) which you can visit

You can search (I looked for the keyword: Race) with the Just Type! bar or view a category like games.  Every app has its own page like Firefox where you can see a rating and a screenshot or video that describes the app.  If the app doesn’t work as expected you will read it there (like Hulu Plus).  Hopefully most of them WILL work with the final release, but for now at least we can see the current status.

There is also a daily updated albeit very minimal Compatibility List, where you can get quick info whether the app is running.

The best part is, it’s user controlled just like a wiki.  If you want to submit an app, read their guidelines, and submit it here!

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