ACL for webOS closer than ever but still no timeline

In posts released yesterday from Phoenix International Communications on their facebook and twitter accounts it seems ACL for webOS’ public release is imminent.  It’s a quick blurb but at this point, those hungry for ACL for webOS release news will take the smallest morsels to satisfy their need.

The comment is in reference to the trivia game PIC has hosted since September 9th which ends October 13th.  Why end it now?  Here’s what PIC had to say:

“With the upcoming public release of the ACL for webOS, we have decided to end our Trivia Quiz with this “strange” question. Why strange? Well, because YOU make the answer!!! The right answer will be the one that the majority of participants will choose.”

Still no specific timeline for ACL for webOS’ release nor if they will seek testing from the pre-release beta testers and/or early access backers prior to the public release.  Back to sitting on our hands…


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