Project updates – Open webOS hits Alpha 3, ACL for webOS pushes pre-release

Image credit: webos-ports.orgNot only is it rare to see a major application or development for webOS announced these days but in a strange happenstance two such announcements hit the web back-to-back.  The Open webOS (OwOS) team broke the news on Alpha 3 and updated their wiki yesterday.  Currently there isn’t a release available for Alpha 3 but it is important to note that the webOS Ports team has added Virtual Box support along side GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus and 1st Gen Asus Nexus 7 support.  And this morning, Phoenix International Communications (PIC) begain emailing pre-release testers instructions for ACL for webOS installations.  Still no timeline for the rest of us though.  Read on for the message from PIC.

EDIT – pivotCE’s goal is to continue to bring webOS news with the latest facts and prompt updates but we will not advocate the publishing of confidential information.  Thus the message from PIC that was here has been removed per their request.

It looks like PIC hasn’t quite solved the licensing verification procedure though as some pre-release testers on the webOS Nation forums are reporting a “failed activation” error.  Well, two steps forward and one step back is still progress I suppose.

All in all, pushes like these in 24 hours time is a huge morale boost for the community.  I eagerly await both!


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