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An avid fan of the webOS system from England, proof that webOS love did make it to these shores! Thieving scum broke into my car and stole my Pre 3 though =(

Free LG G Pad with UK purchase of a webOS TV

So Murray crashed out of Wimbledon & even in this context, we will draw a veil over the shame of a certain national team. But maybe there’s something to cheer up sport fans of the British Isles?

If you reside in the UK or ROI & are dithering over the purchase of a webOS TV, there is a promotion that might swing it for you, but it finishes by the end of the week (13th July 2014).

LG are running a football world cup promo whereby with a purchase of a new LG TV (make sure you get one that’s running webOS 😉 ),  LG will gift you a brand spanking new LG G Pad. A marvellous device I must admit, even if it doesn’t run webOS. Full details of the promo can be found here:

PhoneDog Throwsback to the Palm Pre

Can you believe that it has been 5 years since the first Palm Pre was released? As part of their “Throwback Thursday” feature, PhoneDog readers voted for a review of the Palm Pre from 2009, which was duly carried out by the PhoneDog staff.  It’s a very interesting, honest review, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Ah the memories. Check it out here:

Stay tuned to pivotCE for our own “throwback” to webOS launch devices in two weeks.

FIXED – Update 2: Hotmail/ accounts misbehaving

SSL ErrorFor those of you still using a Pre or TouchPad as daily drivers and have email accounts with either Hotmail or Outlook (like me), and are having problems accessing those accounts today I’m certain you’re as alarmed as I am.  All too often during these last few rocky years of webOS use, we have come to know the dreaded “no longer supported” cloud that hangs over our heads.  Could this be the latest in a string of end-of-life functionality for webOS?  No!  This issue has a fix!  Read on!

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Job Listing: Staff Software Engineer for Enyo JavaScript/HTML5

Sorry, this one isn’t with pivotCE (although we are always looking for more contributors), but LG are looking for a Staff Software Engineer to work on the Enyo platform.  So yes, Enyo and webOS are still very much alive.  If you would like to put all your webOS developing skills to good use then head over to the LG link below.  If you are lucky enough to get the position at their Silicon Valley Labs in Santa Clara, CA, do come back and tell us what it is they’re up to (NDA permitting)!