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I'm an open minded tech enthusiast trying to keep up with an accelerating landscape. There's always room at the table for webOS though.

The Next webOS Phone? (Part I)

It’s one of the most popular topics on the webOS Nation forums. Threads get started quite regularly about how to get a brand new, modern webOS handset. We all crave that next leap forward in hardware that signals the revival of our beloved OS. In this series of articles we’ll take a realistic look at what the options might possibly be.

Part I: DIY (Do It Yourself)

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The End is Nigh!!!

Things are not well on Planet TouchPad. The universe is bombarding us with destruction and we need all the help we can get!!!

I’m talking about Cosmic Nitro… It’s old school. It was created for webOS 1.4.5 back in 2009. It was made for the 3.1 inch Pre- screen. AND IT STILL ROCKS on TouchPad’s glorious 9.7 inch screen under version 3.x!!!

You’re at the App Catalog: check it out if you haven’t. It’s free, it’s in games. It’s waiting for you to come save planet TouchPad right now!!!

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Indie Spirit

If you’re reading this you already know. You’ve installed Preware on your TouchPad, you have Tweaks and you aren’t afraid to use them! You know the joys of modding your tablet and getting it customized just the way you like…

You also know the dark side of webOS. You have friends or relatives who give you an odd look when you start to talk about how much you love webOS: how easy it is to use, all the great ways webOS makes multitasking painless and simple, the fact that no other OS does it half so well for you…

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