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Higher Information Technology as educational background, but work in finance. webOS fan, developer, homebrew patcher and spider in the web for WebOS Ports. Rocking a Pre 3 as daily driver, with trusty TouchPad 4G/Go as tablet :) Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The search for real 4G on the TouchPad

4gtouchpadA commonality among webOS enthusiasts is their ability to maintain the usefulness, applicability, and capabilities of their favorite aging hardware.  The GSM Pre3 and Veer were touted as having 4G capability but truly only have “FauxG” speeds.  That same fact resounds for owners of the HP TouchPad 4G or the much more rare and GSM-capable HP TouchPad Go.  Oh well, speeds are slower but we don’t really care because we love these devices, right?  Sort of!  We DO love the devices but who can leave “well enough” alone?  Grab your favorite spudger and torx screwdriver set because what I’m about to show you will have you clamoring to replace the old Ericsson card inside your “4G” TouchPad and you’ll be surprised just how simple it is to do.

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