Happy twentyfourteen!

Since 2013 is over, we would like to end using the twentythirteen WordPress theme.

As you may have already noticed, we started using a customized version of a theme called twentyfourteen (a coincidence?).  We think it’s much more suitable for a news site with the amount of news we write at the moment.

Look at the gorgeous slider on our homepage which you can control with a swipe of your finger (at least if you have a device with a touchscreen), a click of your mouse, or a tap of the left or right arrow keys on your keyboard!

Please bear with us as we are fixing the last color and widget issues.  We appreciate all feedback in the comments or via mail!

Happy New Year!

Image via Berzinger23

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    1. New webOS hardware would be great but honestly, I think the webOS port to Android phones is more likely.

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