Dev Highlight: Leo Apotheker

Hey!  Look who stopped by today for a quick exclusive interview with pivotCE!  Leo Apotheker!

Some might say it’s a far stretch to call him a developer but oh nonono!  He is much more of a developer for webOS than you give him credit for!  Don’t believe me?  For shame!  Read on and you’ll see just what he gave the fans in the way of his webOS “development”.

Léo ApothekerWhat’s your handle?
I go by many names but here are my top three favorites:
1.  webOS-killa2011
2.  $$$severancepackage$$$
3.  The Anti-Christ

Where do you hail from?
I’m from Germany…ya know, like Hitler.  But I’m a nice guy and only kill operating systems that are way ahead of their time.

What was your first Palm device?
A stone tablet and chisel!  Haha, no but seriously…I’m old.  So I guess you could say I was never a Palm fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I bought them and all, but clearly didn’t care for them enough to keep around.

Have you published any apps in the HP App Catalog?
Not exactly.  I have discontinued most of them though.  So yeah, I got that going for me.

What homebrew apps have you developed?
Yeah I don’t do the homebrewed stuff.  I do like donating thousands of dollars of server technology to homebrew developers though.  And then immediately discontinuing the operating system it is designed to encourage development for.  But I digress…

Have you written any patches?
No, but I hear a lot of the people I laid off from killing Palm have sewn them into their tattered clothing!  HAHAHA!….<sigh>  I hate poor people…

What’s your daily driver phone?
HP Veer

Which tablet do you use?
Which tablet do I NOT use is a better question.  I like to feel out the competition to see what platform I might be able to weasel in on and then destroy.  Ya know, speaking of tablets, I put up a hefty donation to ACL for webOS because I thought if it took off I’d resurrect webOS development and mass produce the TouchPad Go.  Then I found out it didn’t support the Go…so meh.  I got my $45 back from Kickstarter.

How did you get your start into programming?
By buying another company that was insanely good at it.  I also ended my time with programmers by firing them all.  Good times….good times.

Do you develop for other platforms?
Most definitely.  There’s always someone in need of a terrible CEO.  And I mean terrible.  Ya hear that Apple?  Google?  You want in the crapper?  I’m your man.  Right here!

What projects are you supporting in the future?
Any and all that are headed to a quick corporate ruination.  Firefox OS, Blackberry, Tizen, Sailfish OS…I’ve got my technology and innovation destroying eyes on you!

Leo if you’re reading this…it’s a joke…just like you.  So on this the day of April Fools I believe it fitting that pivotCE throws in our nomination of the all-time webOS fool: Leo Apotheker. Thanks for nothing, Leo!  Happy April Fool’s Day!


10 thoughts on “Dev Highlight: Leo Apotheker”

  1. Wow Leo! I had no idea. You’re not as smart as you look. And you look pretty moronic. Glad I got a chance to read this and get to know you a little. Now I don’t feel as bad saying how lame you are. Good riddance!

  2. Good for a chuckle. Sadly though, there is a lot of truth in the above “interview.” Nice job, Alan.

    You should come to Chicago for one of our meetups. We just had one on Sun. & I hear that we are the last group to still have regular meetings.


    1. Ha, thanks! I should be headed through Chicago sometime later this year. I might be there sometime in July specifically. I’ll talk to creepingme via Twitter and see if I can time it right to meet all you cool folks. I hear a lot of you all don’t use webOS anymore. tsk tsk Who would ever leave webOS? …uh… I gotta go…

  3. To keep the spirit of joke I twitted this :

    My vote for interview of year goes to :…

    ( Please read carefully the last paragraph … )

    I really feel this …



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