LG looking for more content partner deals for webOS TV

412878-lg-webos-tvAs reported by The Korea Times, an LG official has confirmed that the company is seeking deals with major U.S network broadcaster FOX to provide content for LG’s webOS based TVs.

“We are negotiating terms with Fox TV to put its content and other services on our WebOS TV,” the official said.

He added that LG, the world’s second-biggest TV manufacturer, will launch large-scale promotional campaigns for content providers, broadcasters, and leading distribution channels in the latter half of 2014.

“webOS TVs will account for over 65 percent of total TV shipments we expect this year.  This is a survival issue.  We remain bullish over the outlook for webOS TVs.”

The official said senior executives at the home entertainment division, which manages its TV business, have met with U.S.-based partners to discuss possible contracts.

“Fox isn’t the only target.  We are also in talks with major sports channels such as ESPN.  Simply put, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms are dominating the mobile industry.  But there are no dominant software platforms for televisions.  We are ready to spend more money on that,” said an official at LG Electronics’ content-related division in the United States.

With over 65% of LG TVs shipped next year to be based on the webOS platform, this can only be a good thing in helping LG stand out from the increasingly crowded Smart TV market and bolster the awareness of webOS.

Image: pcmag

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