UPDATE: Special Investigations Unit asks webOS Users for Help in Murder Case


UPDATE: Inv. Stanfill received a 2nd Pixi Plus to test and proved the community solution worked. He then tried it on the evidence Pixi Plus and it worked! He’s in! Check out his “success” post! Great job everyone!

A Special Investigations Unit police officer with the Jackson, Tennessee police department has asked webOS users on the webOS Nations forums for help.

Here’s his post:

Does anyone have any knowledge of a way to disable the password lock?

I am a police officer. I am assisting in the investigation of a gang related homicide that happened this November of 2015. The victim of the homicide was using a Palm Pixi Verizon model phone – yeah and it is about to be 2016. It had been bought from a rebrand service called The UnLimited Fone.

Of all our fancy mobile forensic tools available, Cellebrite, Oxygen Forensic, not a damn one will help with a passworded Palm device. Apparently, one could now consider these some of the most secure devices you can get your hands on…

I can connect to the phone using Novaterm and read the basic information. Does anyone have any knowledge of a way to disable the password lock? The phone is healthy and boots well. Just getting to the enter password screen and we are at a loss.

The following is about the only post that has come close, but it is not making any sense…nor does it work.

Forgotten Password of Screen Lock of webOS? Remove it!

Any help would be appreciated!

Forum moderator, HelloNNNewman, contacted the individual and was provided a number to the police station. The officer confirmed over the phone the validity of his request.

As a community member, it pains me to read that a webOS user has passed in such a way so giving back to help the police in their investigation is the least we can do.

Many have already attempted to help including myself. If you think you can also help, feel free to visit the thread and chime in.

Alternately you can contact the officer directly:

Investigator Jay Stanfill
Jackson, TN Police Department
Special Investigations Unit