The Death and Rebirth of a Bass Guitar Case

I’m a musician. I’ve played guitar and bass guitar since I was 16. I haven’t played very much in recent years until last year when I started playing for a local church. I dusted off the bass and started trying to get back into the groove of playing with a band and not in my basement. Alone. With just my webOS phones to keep me company. <shudder>

The band leader made fun of my bass guitar case. It was pretty beat up. I’ve had it for almost 12 years. It’s survived three moves across the country and kept my bass guitar relatively safe all this time. I mean, I didn’t really care. I paid $50 for the bass. But as he pointed out my bass which I bought off a buddy is actually worth about ten times that. Time to protect my unwitting investment.

I purchased a new case which is a lot nicer. A LOT. But I couldn’t bring myself to toss the old one. I mean, it was still a decent case though a bit worse for wear. What to do with it?

I had the St. Louis webOS Meetup coming up and knew I was taking a slew of devices with me. But how was I going to transport them all? I thought about buying a case with tear away foam. I looked it up on Amazon and wow, that stuff is pricey. Then it hit me, I’ll build a case!

It took about 3 weeks of working on it sporadically for an hour here and there. I only bought more glue and pop rivets. Total cost to me was about $30. I was able to keep the original hinges, clasps, and handle from the case too. I think it turned out pretty well. See for yourself.

Talk about it.