The Pink Side of the Moon

On February 10th, the Enyo Team unveiled Enyo 2.4.  Among the many improvements there are two especially great features that will make webOS the best TV operating system out there.


Moonstone is a library for the user interface. It takes the panel-based navigation we know from the TouchPad and optimizes it for the TV. Together with widgets, themes and interaction patterns it should give developers a good base to create stunning apps.


Spotlight is another library, but for navigation. It helps developers create key-based apps by determining where to move focus when the user has only simple up-down-left-right controls. We will see how this nearest-algorithm works when the first apps popup in the LG Store.

You can try both features in the new 2.4 pre sampler:

Remember that Enyo will stay Open-Source and Cross-Platform, so you can use it to develop all your non-TV apps too!


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