LG Enyo Director interviewed – talks webOS, Smart TV demo date


DeveloperTech interviewed ex-Palm employee, Gray Norton (now LG’s Director of the Enyo Framework and Tools) about LG’s plans for Smart TVs and how Enyo is being incorporated in their development.  Among what Gray had to say, there was talk about webOS and how the work LG has done with Enyo for next year’s TVs lends itself to be used with and without webOS attached to it.  Hmmmmm…

Gray said, “One of the interesting things about the Enyo framework we use is that it’s loosely coupled with WebOS but it can be used separate as well. It’s a cross-platform framework so the promise is developers can use Enyo to build apps that run on LG Smart TVs but can be run on other TV platforms as well; potentially including the types of devices such as consoles.

Sound like LG is utilizing webOS to the fullest?  Yeah, I didn’t get that feeling either.  I hope they make the connection between enyo and webOS so seamless and easy it will be more beneficial for others to use it as a primary development option rather than separating it.  Granted, I don’t foresee the next gen gaming consoles running webOS and his interview did include consoles but the way I see it, the more enyo support, the easier it is to port apps to webOS.  XBox Gamer app?  PS Control app?  Yeah, I think I know a few webOS fans that might enjoy that type of connection!

Also, if you’ve been wondering when you’ll get your first look at an LG TV running webOS, it looks like you’ll get your chance at Apps World North America in San Francisco on February 5-6.  In fact, according to Gray we’ll get to see “all the work” LG has been doing on their Smart TVs.  Well, that’s great news but I really hope LG read my letter.


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