The Ninth day of webOS-mas – webOS Doctor.


On the ninth day of webOS-mas,
My true love gave to me,
Nine OS doctors,
Eight Macaws tweeting,
Seven Spiders Feeding,
Six T’s to reset,
Internalz Pro!
Four WiFi Shares,
Three Touchstone Chargers,
Two printing methods,
And webOS quick install.

OK, it depends how you count… There may not be exactly nine, but there are a number of webOS doctors available, depending on your device and carrier. What is a webOS doctor? When all seems lost and your device appears to have all the utility of a brick, you can plug it into a computer and run the webOS doctor to reinstall webOS. Here is the WebOS-Internals guide.

10 thoughts on “The Ninth day of webOS-mas – webOS Doctor.”

  1. My ooooold sprint palm pre is stuck in a continuous reboot. i need a doctor(not dre.) and can find it no where. 🙁

  2. I have an HP Touch Pad that is now 4 years olds. And I got a server error. when I put my password in it worked and then said server error. I am now aware that the HP server is finished and I have been hours today learning what I need to do. But I am from the old school so if someone can help me it would be appreciated. Thanks for any HELP

    1. See the reply to Mads above. You likely have a wifi only Touchpad or a 4G one, the latest OS version was 3.0.5, so pick the doctor for your device. Any problems, post on the thread mentioned in the article on link no.4.

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