The Tenth day of webOS-mas – Tweaks.

The Tweaks control panel appOn the tenth day of webOS-mas,
My true love gave to me,
Ten Tweaks enabled,
Nine OS doctors,
Eight Macaws tweeting,
Seven Spiders Feeding,
Six T’s to reset,
Internalz Pro!
Four WiFi Shares,
Three Touchstone Chargers,
Two printing methods,
And webOS quick install.

If you look in your Preware catalogue, you’ll see a section for patches – small pieces of software that modify parts of the webOS system and it’s stock apps. But what if you can’t find a patch that makes a particular change you’d like? What you need is a patch that is tweaks enabled. Now you can open your tweaks app and adjust settings for the patched behaviour that suit you, bringing greater flexibilty and customisation to the user experience.

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