The Verge nabs proof of the webOS that never was

In a reveal that harkens back to Derek Kessler’s review of The Windsornot, The Verge got a hold of the mother-load of webOS device pictures and software screenshots of what could have been for our favorite OS.  None of which came to fruition, unfortunately. Among the damage are a couple phones, a tablet or three, and a concept device that would have beaten Microsoft to the “Surface” punch.  For the webOS-devoted, there’s nothing fun about this read.

cryingwebosIf anything, it just hurts to think about all of the possibilities.  Every image is beautiful in its own way. Every software feature shown is remarkable, intuitive, and ingeniously smart.  So if you’re brave, head over to read the full spread.

If you need me I’ll be in the dark on my closet floor, curled up in the fetal position clutching my Pre3 and TouchPad with a face full of tissues for my tears.

#webosforever <sniff>

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