Tip: Edit Your Hosts File for Access to Old Palm Servers

637x414xsshot20100831205149.png.pagespeed.ic.X1hUmP29DrSince the shutdown of the HP/Palm servers our ability to access webOS doctors, manuals, and other goodies that used to be up for the masses is pretty much non-existant. The good news is there’s a fix. Edit your hosts file!

Editing the host file is different for every system but below are a couple of how-to links for varying OSs.

Just put the lines below in your hosts file, save, and depending on your system…reboot! The old links should now work again! cdn.downloads.palm.com downloads.help.palm.com help.palm.com ipkg.preware.org (20th September 2018: This entry redirects to preware.net. The IP address is updated as the servers have now moved. The latest versions of Preware and webOS Quick Install should automatically connect correctly via DNS. If using older apps, update the former entry of


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