The Eighth day of webOS-mas – Project Macaw.

A Macaw flying
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On the eighth day of webOS-mas,
My true love gave to me,
Eight Macaws tweeting,
Seven Spiders Feeding,
Six T’s to reset,
Internalz Pro!
Four WiFi Shares,
Three Touchstone Chargers,
Two printing methods,
And webOS quick install.

What’s this flapping into the webOS Christmas tree? It’s Project Macaw helping you connect to the world of twitter. It’s the fresh update to version 1.5.0! If twitter is your thing, of course you will want to follow @pivotCE. Who do you follow for webOS tweets? Tell us below.

2 thoughts on “The Eighth day of webOS-mas – Project Macaw.”

  1. I still don’t like Project Macaw. Sparrow is the best client on the Touchpad IMHO. Now, at the moment there’s not much choice anymore for webOS phones so I’m stuck with Macaw there. But it’s horrendously slow, even when I have nothing else opened up. And this is on a Pre 3.

    The only thing I like about Macaw is that there’s still development going on so cheers for that! 🙂

    (edit: oh yeah, and I like the swipe forward to refresh feature)

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