HP TouchPad meets KitKat

There are Android tablets from 2013 which will never see the KitKat update and then there is our beloved TouchPad from 2011, and you know what? It can run KitKat!

Thanks to developer Flintman, part of the Evervolv Team, the latest version of Android can be flashed alongside webOS. As this isn’t even an alpha release (it’s referred to as “test”) it’s likely a bit unstable.  There are few things that aren’t working yet like Bluetooth, the stock browser, and rebooting into webOS.  (Yikes!) If you want to check it out, head over to the thread at XDA Developers.  You can find a very good step-by-step guide including a video from Roland Deschain here.  Don’t forget to give feedback to help bug reporting efforts!

The guys at liliputing.com already installed the rom on a TouchPad and made the little video below.

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