Webtype gives license to pivotCE.com for webOS fonts

Webtype LogoIf you look closely at this article (or any other article on pivotCE.com) you might notice a familiar font.  That’s right!  pivotCE has been given a license to use styles from the Prelude font family.  Yes, the very same font integrated into our beloved webOS devices.  Earlier this week, I made contact with a public relations associate from Webtype.  After a brief explanation of what pivotCE offers the webOS community, they wasted no time in offering access to the styles of our choosing.

From The Font Bureau’s site:
“Prelude is an original sans serif design by David Berlow, commissioned in 2009 by Roger Black.  Berlow consulted with Matías Duarte, Peter Skillman, and the Palm team.  Prelude has simple, generous letterforms which provide a clear, comfortable, and inviting experience for UI navigation, app development and web readability.  A family of six fonts was developed for the Palm Pre.  This set was expanded to 24 styles with four weights, Light, Medium, Bold and Black and three widths, Compressed, Condensed and Regular.”

For a more in-depth look at the history of Palm’s quest for Prelude check out this article from The Font Bureau from 2009.  Also see Paul Miller’s (engadget) review of the integration of Prelude within webOS.

I would like to personally thank Paley Dreier for all of the patience, understanding, and excellent communication and customer service I received.

If you would like to see what other great fonts Webtype has to offer feel free to visit them www.webtype.com and tweet them @webtype.  I recommend visiting www.fontbureau.com to view the many fonts that are available.

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