Open Letter to LG #1

Dear LG,

I recently saw a video showing early stages of webOS running on an LG TV emulator with the use of Project Ares.  Regardless of how that video came to light it was a great morale boost for the webOS community.  Our OS lives!

You’ve had webOS now for almost 9 months.  When you purchased it you were fairly open with your decision and gave hope to fans of the OS that we would see it live on in the future.  Of course, the future you planned was in Smart TVs due out in 2014.  To be honest, I’m ok with that especially since you had some great things to say about the superiority of the user experience over Android and did not rule out mobile devices in the future.

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When Innovation at HP stops

Bernd Bischoff, Source: Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Bernd Bischoff, Source: Fujitsu Siemens Computers

In an interview with UK Technology news website The Register, Bernd Bischoff, a former HP European VP general manager of commercial channels, divulges on the HP that could have been, were it not for too many mistakes. Although Bernd Bischoff’s time at HP ended before the Palm acquisition, his 33 year professional career in the IT industry has earned him recognition as an expert in the field. In his analysis, Bischoff struggles to see how HP could turn itself around: “They’ve made too many mistakes in the last few years.”

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Halloween/webOS 2013 Contest Results

Thanks to everyone for their submissions to the pivotCE Halloween/webOS 2013 contest.  We didn’t have a HUGE turnout but hey, we’re new around here!  And now….our winner is…..webOS Nation Forum user TJs11thPre!  Congrats!  Check out his picture below.  That’s a FrankenPre2 dressed up as Frankenstein for Halloween.  Ahhhh, classic…and FUNNY!

FrankenPre2 by TJs11thPre

TJs11thPre wins a $10 gift card for the Google Play store.  Read on to see other notable entries.

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ACL™ for webOS Compatibility Database

icon_errorWhile PIC is giving ACL the final touches, Kickstarter backers are hard at work testing all kinds of Android apps on our beloved TouchPads with the ACL for webOS Preview.

webOS Nations Forum member broncot wanted to help and started a thread where he encouraged all members to post the results of their Android app tests.  Although that’s a great idea, it’s not exactly an easy to reference guide for users or even PIC to keep track of the results.

To improve this, PIC started an “ACL™ for webOS Compatibility Database” (well, they didn’t name it like that, but I think it sounds great 😉 *feel free to steal that, PIC!*) which you can visit

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