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TIP: solutions for WOSQI, Preware v1.9.13

You may have heard that was snatched away from webOS Internals yesterday.  If not, what the heck?  You live under a rock?  I digress.

Long story short, is now the new home for all things Preware to include our beloved patches, homebrew apps, etc.  Don’t bother copying and pasting that as a link because until the ducks are lined up there won’t be much to see.  I’ve been assured that the Preware Homebrew Documentation app and will all be updated in the near future.  Come on.  This stuff takes some time.  Relax.

So this domain snatching business was pretty ugly.  Turns out “preware” means something very different to the folks that grabbed the domain and they have no intention of selling it back to webOS Internals which was the initial assumption.  No, in fact they plan to use it for whatever “preware” means to them.  Like you, I am waiting with bated breath for the answer to that mind boggling riddle. 😐

But now that exists and more importantly,, the home of patches, apps, etc., how do you fix your broken webOS Quick Install (WOSQI) and Preware that point to

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All-clear for webOS devices with Google accounts

All-clear, thanks to Grabber 5.0:

**** Update June 28, 2014: version 1.2 of the patch fixes the json parsing error that started recently and restores sync functionality again. Also note: If you already have a previous verison of the gsync patch installed, you must remove the previous patch version first to restore the original files. The new patch patches all required files, not just the new one. (this is standard for any patch that is not installed from the feeds) ****
**** IMPORTANT – as of late June 2014 there is a new issue with Google contact sync that has not been resolved! Up until a few days ago, this patch still restored the ability to sync calendars and gmail, but now, it appears accounts can no longer be added to devices due to the ‘unknown error’ situation. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GMAIL PASSWORD OR ATTEMPT TO REMOVE AND RE-ADD YOUR ACCOUNT TO RESOLVE LOGIN ISSUES, OR YOU WILL BE STUCK WITHOUT YOUR ACCOUNT AT ALL ****


Stay tuned, there is already a one-ways solution ready!

Tip – Fix Google Account Authentication Error

googlebrokenWhat…Google accounts are broken? This might not be news to you but at the end of March, Google changed their connections to force secure communication. By now, you’ve either patched the problem or you’ve been suffering with a broken Google account or two on your favorite webOS device. It’s possible you may not even realize there’s a problem. But I assure you, not all is well.

webOS Nations Forum user and rising patch-developer-star, Grabber5.0 (Matt), crafted a beautifully simple solution to this issue. I wanted to get the specifics of his research and solution so I set out to get the scoop.  Read on to delve into his mental processes and the psyche of a webOS developer.

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The search for real 4G on the TouchPad

4gtouchpadA commonality among webOS enthusiasts is their ability to maintain the usefulness, applicability, and capabilities of their favorite aging hardware.  The GSM Pre3 and Veer were touted as having 4G capability but truly only have “FauxG” speeds.  That same fact resounds for owners of the HP TouchPad 4G or the much more rare and GSM-capable HP TouchPad Go.  Oh well, speeds are slower but we don’t really care because we love these devices, right?  Sort of!  We DO love the devices but who can leave “well enough” alone?  Grab your favorite spudger and torx screwdriver set because what I’m about to show you will have you clamoring to replace the old Ericsson card inside your “4G” TouchPad and you’ll be surprised just how simple it is to do.

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Deal – 2 Coupons from PIC and OpenMobile

It looks like OpenMobile is offering a $5 off code on their Twitter and Phoenix International Communications is offering a $10 off code on their store for entering your email address. Unfortunately, you can’t combine them but if you buy two licenses seperately (add one to cart, checkout, repeat) you can save $15!

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