Deal – 2 Coupons from PIC and OpenMobile

It looks like OpenMobile is offering a $5 off code on their Twitter and Phoenix International Communications is offering a $10 off code on their store for entering your email address. Unfortunately, you can’t combine them but if you buy two licenses seperately (add one to cart, checkout, repeat) you can save $15!

You can also refresh the Phoenix Store to enter your email address for another $10 off code but like I said, you can’t combine them.  So head on over and get your discounts.

To all those pre-orderers of ACL for webOS, OpenMobile sent emails awarding a $10 off code for their OpenMobile AppMall.  There is some speculation to the legality of the AppMall but as of yet, there seems to be no hard evidence to support the validity of these claims.  OpenMobile claims they have “partnered with highly reputable content companies and distributors in the world to deliver premium content as well as the best free applications”.  See their message to me below:

Hey there Alan!

First and foremost, THANK YOU for pre-ordering ACL for webOS! We truly appreciate your excitement and support of our ACL technology. You’ve been waiting to revive your TouchPad by adding Android apps and we’re excited that the launch of ACL for webOS is imminent!
You will be the first to have the official release of ACL for webOS for your TouchPad since you’ve already pre-ordered! OpenMobile and Phoenix are working diligently to ensure the utmost user experience upon first installation of ACL for webOS on your HP TouchPad. We know that you are going to love it!
To bring your experience to the next level, we want to offer you a $10 AppMall gift certificate for pre-ordering! You read that right: $10 to spend on your favorite paid Android apps that you can find right in the OpenMobile AppMall. To add this gift certificate to your account, simply go to “My Account” in the AppMall app on your TouchPad, then in the “Add Gift Certificate” field, enter your custom code shown below and click submit. When you make an AppMall purchase, this gift certificate will be used towards your order!
Your $10 AppMall gift certificate code is: [removed]
Photo Credit: OpenMobileOpenMobile AppMall
The AppMall is the world’s largest independent app superstore and it auto-installs upon ACL download! That means you have instant access to a broad app catalog from which you can start downloading some of your favorite Android apps! The AppMall is a native Android app that runs on your TouchPad with ACL. All apps that are included in the AppMall have been tested and validated to work on your ACL-enabled TouchPad. The catalog is growing daily! Any apps that you want but don’t see? Let us know! Just find the AppMall icon and click to start searching, browsing, downloading, and installing Android apps directly to your HP TouchPad!
Any questions regarding the OpenMobile AppMall? Send the OpenMobile Help Desk an email at:
Happy App-ing!
– The OpenMobile Team

I have no idea if you will still be able to receive this gift from OM but you won’t know unless you pre-order!  Good luck!

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  1. Have you tried to order multiple licenses? The coupons work with percentage! So you get 33% out using the $10 Coupon! (and 17% using the $5 one).

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