FIXED – Update 2: Hotmail/ accounts misbehaving

SSL ErrorFor those of you still using a Pre or TouchPad as daily drivers and have email accounts with either Hotmail or Outlook (like me), and are having problems accessing those accounts today I’m certain you’re as alarmed as I am.  All too often during these last few rocky years of webOS use, we have come to know the dreaded “no longer supported” cloud that hangs over our heads.  Could this be the latest in a string of end-of-life functionality for webOS?  No!  This issue has a fix!  Read on!

UPDATE 1:  webOS Nation forums user Jerry Van Hoy pointed us in the right direction for the fix.  Users toto-w and Grabber5.0 discovered the links to use for the fix and user DMeister made a short tutorial that is pasted below. Thanks all!

1) Go to or
2) When prompted, Trust Certificate
3) Go on Email and sync the email accounts and all will properly sync again

I came home from work to find two error messages, each one associated with my Hotmail and Outlook email account: “Security Certificate Expired”.  Users on the webOS Nation forums started reporting early this morning that their Hotmail and accounts were giving certificate errors.  It seems the issue is not prevalent across the board as some users claim to not have the same problem.

UPDATE 2:  As it turns out, Microsoft was hit with the surprise as well.  Many companies use the GlobalSign Root CA for certificate authentication and it was that CA that expired.  You can read about it here.

Cert ErrorIt seems the issue is quite self explanatory really, but this means that on Microsoft’s side, the certificates they issued for webOS’s method of accessing the server to sync emails expired on 28 January 2014. All we can hope is for Microsoft to issue a new one. If that is in fact the case and if they will fix it are the important questions. The issue has already been brought up to Microsoft. Otherwise, we’ll look to the homebrew community to save the day…again.

We’ll keep the updates coming to this post.  Stay tuned.  Feel free to join the conversation or leave a comment below.

Images: Matt Williams

8 thoughts on “FIXED – Update 2: Hotmail/ accounts misbehaving”

  1. The GlobalSign Root CA certificate expiry is much more than a problem then first mentioned. If you try shopping or going to a https site that’s certificate has been issued by GlobalSign the webOS 3.0.5 browser will show you that the sites https certificate is invalid. This is incorrect. webOS has an old root CA installed of which it is validating against. Thankfully some users on webosnations have come up with a fix. The fix which installs the new certificates from GlobalSign can be found here:

  2. I can’t log-in to my hotmail account– I get the following error messages— problem establishing a secure connection—- server certificate error details: untrusted certificate unable to determine certificate origins—-AND THEN— refusing connection. This server has been previously noted as supporting http strict transport security. Due to ssl certificate warnings/errors, a connection will not be made.—– HOW DO I FIX THIS???? (PLEASE)

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