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HP keeps the servers open for another two months

Just when you think there could be no more twists in the story, here’s another: Hewlett Packard have delayed shutting down the webOS servers for two months according to an updated email sent out to developers.

(Tweeted by Zephree)

You now have until March the 15th to work out your back up plans, pick out the best free apps from the catalogue and generally secure your devices for the future. My best advice for anyone who was panicking is to relax, but continue making your way to the exit in an orderly fashion.
(UPDATE: The servers actually stayed up until April, but are now closed.)

At this point, we don’t know why this has happened. Possibly an arbitary date was set and HP are now taking a bit of pity on us. Perhaps the 15th was the originally planned date of the handover to TCL, the new owners of the Palm brand. Now we have seen that their plans are to “crowd-source” whatever new products may emerge, it may be a while before they have anything more than “coming soon” on their website. Maybe both companies have been impressed by the progress of LuneOS?

We will update if any more information emerges, but for now we’ll let you return to your packing…

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