Legacy webOS SDKs, Novacom, and Emulators


Yeah yeah it’s almost 2016…why post the SDKs and emulators? Well, if you haven’t noticed people are STILL developing for webOS. And thank God since my Pre3 is humming right along still today. Read on for links and more info.

If you’ve been scouring the net in search of the elusive SDK, novacom, and emulator packages, you may have found this thread on the webOS Nation forums. Even if you have your hosts file modified, the links don’t work. Forum user, bbito, discovered that by changing the links to http, you can still get the files. But for how long?

I’ve been using my Box account to share as much webOS stuff as I can. I figured adding these files to it and providing a more permanent solution to the issue would be helpful. Hopefully with good links available, this will encourage more devs to dive back in. Links to file from my Box account below! Happy downloading!

Windows 32-bit 3.0.5 SDK/PDK

Windows 64-bit 3.0.5 SDK/PDK

Mac 3.0.5 SDK/PDK

Novacom for 32-bit Linux

Novacom for 64-bit Linux

Linux 3.0.5 SDK

webOS 1.3.5 Emulator Image

webOS 1.4.0 Emulator Image

webOS 1.4.1 Emulator Image

webOS 1.4.5 Emulator Image

webOS 2.1.0 Emulator Image

webOS 2.2.0 Emulator Image (Pre3)

webOS 2.2.4 Emulator Image (Pre2 and Pre3)