Enyo Team Open Sources Mochi UI, Feels like webOS 3.1

In an announcement on their blog yesterday, The Enyo Team has released the Mochi user interface (UI) for open source development. The early look at Mochi came when The Verge published an article we covered here on pivotCE earlier this year.  With everyone’s interests piqued, the fine folks working on Enyo development offered to open source. Now that it’s available, users may eventually be able to run the UI on legacy webOS devices, and it looks and feels like webOS 3.1.

The amount of effort the team put into the documentation for the open source project is no small victory in it’s future use.  webOS Ports friends, Herman van Hazendonk and Tom King have picked up the ball for the continued development and hopefully the implementation of the UI.  I don’t think it’s a far stretch to imagine future builds of webOS Ports Open webOS with the UI already applied.

webOS developer, choorp, has even begun playing with some of the added design elements and widgets for Dash Weather+.  Check out his Twitter post.

I don’t know about you but looking at this image and rewatching the video from The Verge makes me feel like we’ll be seeing an update to webOS.  I know it’s not a real update but it’s fun to imagine this as the webOS 3.1 push that never came!

It is unclear whether the UI can be made useful for webOS 2.x devices at this point but webOS 3.x is a definite.  Here’s looking forward to the cool new UI! And a great big thank you to the fine folks at Enyo!


Image credit: The Verge

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