Where Will LuneOS Get Its Apps?


The webOS Ports team has been developing LuneOS for a long time now. It started after HP released webOS as an open source project in December of 2011. With monthly updates the LuneOS project now hosts a ton of awesome features as it draws nearer and nearer to daily driver status.

I wrote about testing apps for LuneOS several months ago. The TLDR version is there aren’t many current Enyo (think webOS 2.x and up) based apps that work with LuneOS. There are a LOT of Mojo (think webOS 1.x) apps for webOS out there but when HP open sourced webOS, Mojo was not included so that’s a no-go for LuneOS too. Bummer.

Will there be apps for LuneOS when it does reach daily driver abilities? Where will the apps come from?

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C+Dav Synergy Connector Updated for webOS

webOS Synergy Accounts
webOS Synergy Accounts

webOS Nation’s forums user and webOS Ports team member, Garfonso, has updated the C+Dav Synergy Connector for webOS to version 0.3.31.

CalDav and CardDav are now the standards with the broadest server support for syncing calendars and contacts. And thanks to his and webOS Ports’ efforts it works for legacy webOS AND LuneOS too.

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