Chicago sunrise

webOS meet up: Chicago.

webOS is all about connectivity. If Chicago is your kind of town, you can breeze into The Windy city, pass through the Cloud Gate and link up with a local area network while enjoying some pizza!

Yes, it’s a webOS meetup and it’s happening this Sunday (13th July), 7.30pm at Moretti’s Ristorante and Pizzeria, Schamburg.

Find the details and Sign up here.

The team at pivotCE remind you that if you are planning a meet up, let us know! We are interested in promoting your events (it might even increase attendance!). We are also interested in reports and pictures from webOS events.

The LG promo website

Free LG G Pad with UK purchase of a webOS TV

So Murray crashed out of Wimbledon & even in this context, we will draw a veil over the shame of a certain national team. But maybe there’s something to cheer up sport fans of the British Isles?

If you reside in the UK or ROI & are dithering over the purchase of a webOS TV, there is a promotion that might swing it for you, but it finishes by the end of the week (13th July 2014).

LG are running a football world cup promo whereby with a purchase of a new LG TV (make sure you get one that’s running webOS ;) ),  LG will gift you a brand spanking new LG G Pad. A marvellous device I must admit, even if it doesn’t run webOS. Full details of the promo can be found here:

News crumbs straight from the webOS toaster

News Crumbs – 29th June 2014

The toaster’s been getting pretty hot recently, but still every slice is browned to perfection! Time to sweep out some more crumbs…

Phew, after all that, I need a toasted bagel!


All-clear for webOS devices with Google accounts

All-clear, thanks to Grabber 5.0:

**** Update June 28, 2014: version 1.2 of the patch fixes the json parsing error that started recently and restores sync functionality again. Also note: If you already have a previous verison of the gsync patch installed, you must remove the previous patch version first to restore the original files. The new patch patches all required files, not just the new one. (this is standard for any patch that is not installed from the feeds) ****
**** IMPORTANT – as of late June 2014 there is a new issue with Google contact sync that has not been resolved! Up until a few days ago, this patch still restored the ability to sync calendars and gmail, but now, it appears accounts can no longer be added to devices due to the ‘unknown error’ situation. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR GMAIL PASSWORD OR ATTEMPT TO REMOVE AND RE-ADD YOUR ACCOUNT TO RESOLVE LOGIN ISSUES, OR YOU WILL BE STUCK WITHOUT YOUR ACCOUNT AT ALL ****


Stay tuned, there is already a one-ways solution ready!

News crumbs straight from the webOS toaster

News Crumbs – 15th June 2014.

Here are some news crumbs we found when cleaning out the webOS toaster:

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