TouchPad Spotted in TV Commercial

TP-TVNo, this has nothing to do with LG’s new webOS TV, but it does have to do with webOS seen on TV…at least on a TouchPad spotted in a commerical.  

Our favorite tablet, the HP TouchPad, can be seen in the latest “but-wait-there’s-more” style TV advertisement featuring the GoGo Pillow.  The pillow is a combination pillow, backpack, neckrest, tablet-holder…uh, thing.  Of all the tablets in the video why they had to choose the TouchPad to get dropped is beyond me.  Check out the screen shot and video below to see it for yourself. 


2 thoughts on “TouchPad Spotted in TV Commercial”

  1. Looking at the screen’s keyboard, theres no lunaCE on that device so it deserved being dropped.

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